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According to a recent double blind study that was published in the Journal of Hypertension, Atlas re-alignments helped normalize blood pressure. The blood pressure changes were equivalent to what would be expected, utilizing two hypertensive medications. Get a consulatation with Barone Spinal Care & Performance to se if your Atlas is out of Aligment.

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Elisa Wildman's Testimonial

Dear Dr. Barone and Dr. Landholm,                                                                                                          May 2016


My name is Elisa and I am 23 years old. I have always some mild neck tension but within the past year and a half the pain has worsened and started to affect my whole back. At first, I thought the pain and discomfort was “normal” since I am a Nurse and lift and turn heavy patients frequently. I bought a back brace a while back, started working on my back muscles more at the gym, and started treating myself to back massages. All of those options worked slightly with my pain but it was still very uncomfortable. I still always felt like my back was tense and painful which always put a damper on my mood.  I was at XSPORT fitness working out when I ran into Dr. Landholm, she had offered to do a free back scan for me. I knew the results were not going to be very good but after reviewing the scan with Dr. Landholm (all red and barely any green), I was in shock. She convinced me to follow-up at the office and I did. I never heard of NUCCA before and I was skeptical to start care since nothing up to this point had seemed to work yet. Once I started care, I had already felt a lot of the tension start to ease up. I have been going to Barone Spinal Care since January and my pain and tension continues to get a lot better. I used to wake up in the middle of the night a few times a week with horrible cramping in my calves and now that rarely happens.  All of my friends also keep asking me if I grew because I look taller. All of the staff in the office are all very welcoming and friendly. I always plan my adjustments for before work because I feel so much better after an adjustment and love going into the relaxation room afterwards. The quiet music, comfortable chairs, and artwork help me relax and clear my mind. I have enjoyed the care that Barone Spinal Care offers so much that I convinced my mother, who has been complaining of similar symptoms that I had, to come in and check it out. She has just started care but has only said great things about her time there. I am so happy that I ran into Dr. Landholm that day at XSPORT and started treatment at Barone Spinal Care. 


I am a 69 year old golf enthusiast. I live on a golf course, and I play golf almost every day that weather permits.   For the past several years, I have suffered with pain in the left hip and lower back.   Within recent years, I have been diagnosed with bursitis in the left hip. With regards to the back, I have had episodes with back pain so severe that I needed to hold on to furniture or walls to be able to walk around the house.   After one painful episode, I was diagnosed with a herniated disc at L4/L5 and prescribed muscle relaxant and pain medication to relieve the immediate pain, as well as physical therapy for long term recovery.  After completing the prescribed pt, I continued the exercises; but there were times that the back pain would cause me to flinch during a golf swing, and sometimes the hip pain would be too severe to continue with a round of golf.

At the end of golf season last year, while browsing in the Schaumburg PGA Superstore, I met Dr. Jordan Landholm who was offering a free computerized spinal examination to measure tension in the muscles of the neck and back.  I agreed to the on the spot exam which indicated that I might benefit from the chiropractic treatment method practiced at Barone Spinal Care & Performance.

I had no previous experience with chiropractic treatment, but I had been considering looking into chiropractic treatment for my back and hip, since I was not satisfied with the status of my health.  I wanted to be able to play golf pain free, but regular medical treatment was not achieving that goal.  I was totally unfamiliar with the NUCCA chiropractic method practiced at Barone Spinal Care & Performance, and I was skeptical that aligning the atlas of the spine would be sufficient to correct the problems that I was having with my back and hip.  However, at the midway point of a 6 month treatment plan, I am playing golf with significantly less pain than in previous years.  Other areas of my life have improved as well.  I used to have pain in the back and hip after driving for a considerable distance, but I recently drove over 3200 miles in 2 weeks virtually pain free.  I used to have a flare up of painful muscles after periods of repeated activity such as cleaning the car or doing yard work, but now the pain is negligible after doing a considerable amount of spring cleaning and yard work over the past several weeks. I don’t feel that I am totally “cured,” but I feel like I have come a long way toward reaching my goal of playing golf pain free and being able to perform daily activities without considerable discomfort.

I am impressed with the professional, friendly doctors and staff at Barone Spinal Care & Performance.  Upon entering the building, I am always greeted by name; and the efficiency of scheduling and coordination of appointments results in very short wait times.  I am amazed that what seems like very minor adjustments of the atlas vertebra can have a significant impact on health; but thus far, it sure seems to be working for me.


Joe P.


Dr. Landholm,

It is my honor to know you and the work you are doing at Barone Spinal Care & Performance. It has truly been interesting and informative for me. I am 70 years old and have had MS for 30 years. I have seen many alternative doctors that have helped me with different problems concerning my decline with MS. You never know what you could wake up with that could attack your body: speech, balance, knee cap going backwards, immune system failing, ect. Walking with a cane, using a wheelchair, and other debilitating things are a normal way of life for me.  People sometimes forget that the person inside is only asking for friendship and not pity in the form of a pat on the head.

I started care with Dr. Landholm after meeting her at a craft fair. I was very impressed with her knowledge and she was very easy to talk to. At that time I had a growing concern about losing control of my hands because one of my biggest joys is working on crafts. My concerns now are leg cramps, burning sensations in my arm, right foot inversion, fatigue, circulation, and posture. I am happy to write this testimonial because all of the concerns I have mentioned have improved in only a few months. I feel that there is hope for me. I wake up every morning excited about life knowing that one day I will get rid of my cane and take a walk around the block. My concerns about the decline of my body had been rising after three friends with MS passed away. God bless the hands that heal.

Thank you, doctors, for giving people like me hope for a brighter tomorrow.




My name is Robert Back and I am 60 years old. About 9 years ago my feel started getting numb at my toes and I went to a Regular Chiropractor for about 2 years and the numbness would go away after treatment but then come back. I then tried Deep Tissue Massages for about 2 years and the same thing happened, the numbness would go away after treatment and then come back. Besides the numbness in my feet, I started to notice that my balance was getting worse while I was walking, biking, or golfing. Then one day, I needed to replace a light bulb and I felt very uneasy when I got up on a chair to change the lightbulb and almost fell. Soon after that, about 5 years ago, I went to a Golf Show and as I was walking through the Show with a friend and we came upon Dr. Barone’s booth. We were both scanned by Dr. Barone’s assistant and both of us had scans with lots of red versus green. I would have normally said thanks and go on my way but this time because of the numbness in my feet and now my concern about almost falling off the chair, I ask what is the difference between Dr. Barone Chiropractic Care versus Regular Chiropractic Care. She basically gave me a lot of information but what hit home was what she said about 1st vertebra has to be aligned perfectly to your spine and by taking x-rays you can pin point where to apply hand pressure against your neck to lock the 1st vertebra to spine properly. This information from Dr. Barone’s assistant persuaded me to make an appointment. After my first hand pressure treatment to my neck, I was in complete shock that my numbness in feet went away immediately and my balance was back to normal. If I had not gone to Dr. Barone, would I still be going from one treatment to the next or even worse, given up? I am indebted to Dr. Barone and his team for improving my quality of life and being there for future appointments to lock again my 1st vertebra to spine properly when it does not hold for various reasons.


Lives Improved With NUCCA

At 49 years old, I considered myself in pretty good shape.  I’m active. I’m healthy and didn’t think much about the little aches and pains that I thought just came with age.   I met Dr. Landholm and Dr. Bulcher at the PGA Superstore where they did a quick scan and asked me a few simple questions.  The questions got me thinking about my every day activity, and when I really thought about it, I realized that I did have some issues that I wanted to resolve.

After many years working at a computer, I had developed quite a bit of stiffness between my shoulder blades.  My lower back would go out about once a year causing some sciatic pain in my left hip.  My hips and shoulders were not in alignment, and while that didn’t cause direct pain that I was aware of, it certainly didn’t help my golf game.   These every day aches and pains that I thought just came with life, was enough to get me to schedule an appointment with Dr. Barone.

Dr. Barone and his staff are engaging, professional, thorough and take the time to answer your questions.  I had been to a chiropractor before and found short term relief from the ‘cracking’ that’s normally done, but the issues would return.  The method’s Dr. Barone use are geared toward resolving the overall issue, not just short term relief.   The treatment is pain free, relaxing and takes just minutes. 

After just a few weeks the stiffness between my shoulder blades had gone and my hips are straighter.  I reinjured my lower back recently while lifting.  I came to the office for an evaluation and within a few short hours of treatment, my pain was all but gone. Pain of that nature typically lasted a week or longer in the past.  That in itself was confirmation that I made a good choice that day in the PGA Superstore.

I’d like to Thank Dr. Barone and his team for the care they provide. They do it in a very professional, friendly and welcoming manner.   

Continued success,



April 12, 2016


Dear Drs. Landholm and Barone,

My name is Lucy and I am 58 years old. I had the pleasure to meet Dr. Landholm at one of the gluten free shows in my neighborhood and she introduced me to Barone Spinal Care & Performance. I was really happy to meet her as I have been having back problems for many years now.

In year 1980 my one year old daughter and I have suffered a very serious car accident in which we both were passengers and I lost consciousness for six hours. At the time I was in my fifth month of pregnancy. In that car accident, during the vehicle’s fall from a cliff, I hit my head really bad on the door frame which caused me to lose my consciousness. The hit was so strong and powerful that it caused my atlas to move into a different location near which a hematoma developed.

During that time the hematoma could not be removed because of my pregnancy. After my horribly painful labor and one year of time passed the surgeon wanted to remove the hematoma at which time he discovered that the hematoma is gone.

For 30 years now I have been suffering from irresistible headaches, ringing in ears, vision problems and muscle pain which had me visit many doctors, hospitals, and specialists. No one seemed to be able to help me find the reason behind the symptoms and I slowly started to lose my hope of ever being able to find the reason.

Three years ago I have suffered another car accident which worsened my condition.

A year ago when I met Dr. Landholm, she gave me hope to be able to function normally without my horrible symptoms.

I have attended many sessions at Barone Spinal Care & Performance and felt bad after some however Dr. Landholm explained that it was a normal reaction and means that the body is reacting to it.

Now after many sessions I feel incredible improvement. No muscle pain, I sleep really well, and wear shoes without any problem and pain. I still get headaches from time to time and ringing in my ears, but it’s nothing what it was in the past.

In that short letter I would like to thank you, Dr. Barone, Dr. Landholm and entire staff at Barone Spinal Care & Performance for your hard work, support for the help.

The professionalism and warm atmosphere at your clinic is spectacular and one of a kind. When you walk into the clinic the vibe and the positive faces make you feel at home. To have that these days and especially when you are suffering from pain and making that experience one of a kind!

Once again, thank you for that.

Hope you are around for many more years to come….


Lucyna Boron