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According to a recent double blind study that was published in the Journal of Hypertension, Atlas re-alignments helped normalize blood pressure. The blood pressure changes were equivalent to what would be expected, utilizing two hypertensive medications. Get a consulatation with Barone Spinal Care & Performance to se if your Atlas is out of Aligment.

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I am a 52 yr old very active male that has been suffering from lower back pain for as long as I can remember.  If I’m on my feet- especially just standing in one place- for over 30 min, my lower back tightens up.  I exercise 5-6 days a week- jogging ~ 3 miles, stepper machine, weights and walking 18 holes on a golf course once per week during summer.  The back pain is always there, and although it hasn’t prevented me from staying active, it was always in the back of my mind (no pun intended). I’m constantly trying to stretch out my back.

I visited another chiropractic facility that focuses on back pain.  They prescribed an MRI which showed a slight bulging disc and promised they could improve my situation in 4-6 mos. After visiting 3x per week for 1.5 hrs per session- being put in a tight harness, hung from above and stretched horizontally on a table, I felt slight improvement- but not enough to continue.

I met Dr Landholm at the PGA Superstore on Golf Rd one Sat in May (while being treated at the aforementioned practice). She showed me how my muscle imbalance was probably a result of misalignment and was causing my pain.  I told her that I would continue with my current treatment for a few more months.  Since the improvement wasn’t occurring, a few months later I called Dr Landholm and made an appointment.

I had never heard of NUCCA but learned a lot in my first visit. It certainly didn’t seem that adjusting one vertebra would make that much difference on my lower back.  I was impressed with the precision they used in taking x-rays and measuring my vertebrae.  Dr Landholm and Dr Barone were confident their procedures would work. I was skeptical but willing to try.

After analyzing my x-rays Dr Barone did the first adjustment. I was shocked that it took five minutes and was painless.  He asked me to walk across the floor and let me know if I noticed a difference. I did not expect one adjustment to make a difference and I wasn’t sure if it did. He said some feel a difference immediately and others take more time. I must say, later that day my lower back pain seemed to subside.

Over the last 10 mos the adjustments have been less frequent- in some cases I’ve gone 4-5 weeks without an adjustment. My back pain definitely has reduced, but it’s not completely eliminated. After a round of golf (walking) it is definitely much better than it was a year ago. And I don’t feel it nearly as much as I did when I started treatment. I’m hopeful that a few more months of keeping me aligned will help get me back to pain free.

The office staff is very professional, helpful and friendly. I’ve already referred a coworker and would recommend anyone with back issues to make an appointment.


Dear Dr Barone

A little over a year ago I met Dr Landholm at the Palatine Street Fest and found myself intrigued by the chiropractic method and after the assessment I took a chance as I believed in trying new approaches to health.

I had lower back pain and bad knees and a few months earlier I went into a diabetic coma, and after coming out of it I had bad neuropathy and was dependent on insulin.

I have tried several other natural remedies and traditional chiropractic, and I now swear by Dr Barone’s method.  It has been a year and it seems to have stabilized and now even feeling much better.  In general my diabetic neuropathy is nonexistent even now off my meds for that.  I am still on insulin but my A1C down to 7.1 from 8.6.

I enjoy going to the office as Dr Barone and his staff are the best and I like their professionalism and helpfulness.

I would also highly recommend them as I find it helps me function better and be healthier.

marty belovicz


Unbelievable Health Changes

I met Dr. Landholm at the Abilities Expo at the Schaumburg Renaissance’s Center in June of 2015. I have been coming to you now for 1 year and the difference in my health is unbelievable.

I had been suffering from terrible lower back pain, numbness in my right hand, pain in my right leg and knee for about 9 months. I was also on high blood pressure medication. After my treatments, my pain is gone in my back and leg and I am no longer on medication for my blood pressure.

I can’t tell you how grateful I am that I met Dr. Landholm and decided to make that initial appointment. I have recommended you to friends that I know could benefit from your services.

Also, everyone on your staff has been a pleasure to work with. From being greeted by name to asking how my day was going has made this a pleasurable experience.

Pat Z.


Patient Testimonial

Friend referred me to Barone Spinal Care as I was complaining to him about back pain. I am a real estate agent and I spent a lot of time in a car driving. I was very skeptical however he was very persuasive for me to try it. After X-rays it showed that I need to be adjusted and my body is out of alignment. To my surprise after just few visits my back pain disappeared. I am able to get in and get out of the car without any pain. Even for past 3 weeks I hold my alignment and my body adjusts very quickly.  I had no idea that simple atlas adjustment is responsible for so many parts of your body and so much pain. Now I am thankful I listened to my friend and Barone Spinal Care for "pain free me". 


Kinga Korpacz


Patient Testimonial

Dear Dr. Barone and Dr. Bulcher,

 I am 50 years old and I met Dr. Bulcher at the Gluten Free Convention in May of 2016.  I joking asked him to talk to me about sciatica.

 I explained to Dr. Bulcher that in August of 2015 I found myself suffering with extreme pain from a sciatic attack.  The pain was so intense I could not walk, stand, sit or lie down.  The ER prescribed muscle relaxers, nerve relaxers, anti inflammatory and stretching exercises.  It took over three weeks for pain and discomfort to disappear.

 At the time I met Dr. Bulcher the sciatica had started to flare back up and I was three days into all the medications again.  Dr. Bulcher explained to me after scanning my back that the cause of my discomfort may not be from my lower back / sciatica.  He suggested an office visit to discuss possible causes.

 After discussing the possible causes he suggested X-rays to check my neck for alignment issues.  At the follow up and review of the X-rays it was suggested I be treated for a dislocated vertebrae in the upper neck.  I figured what did I have to lose if it didn’t work.  I had seen a chiropractor last year and it caused the discomfort to be worst.

 After my first adjustment I noticed a change.  I felt taller, lighter on my feet and it felt like my head was tipping to the other side of my body.  I experienced a little vertigo but it quickly went away after resting.

 The very next morning upon waking up my hips, knees and ankles did not hurt like they had been for last several months.  I jumped right out of bed.  I felt great.  Very little to no pain in my sciatica.

 I am a believer.

 The office staff are wonderful.  Every time I walk into the office Kasia greets me by name.   Everyone is friendly and welcoming.  The doctors are knowledgeable and dedicated to the wellness of the patient.

 I am so thankful for meeting Dr. Bulcher and Barone Spinal Care.


Kimberly Carl