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Regaining Hope

September, 2016

I am a 65-year-old woman with degenerative lumbar stenosis. Three years ago I had a successful laminectomy to relieve severe sciatica, but new similar pain started to develop about a year ago. I found myself constantly hunched over, avoiding most activity, unable to walk very far without severe hip pain, and getting depressed. Comparing my three MRIs taken over a 10-year period, I saw my diagnosis go from mild to moderate to severe stenosis. I wondered where I would be in another 10 years… maybe in a wheelchair. I knew I needed to find some other way to deal with this besides more surgery.

Meanwhile, my brother and his wife, who is a pediatric physical therapist, were getting significant relief from their neck and shoulder pain by visiting a NUCCA doctor, one coincidentally trained by Dr. Barone. Hearing how well they were both doing I decided I had nothing to lose and made an appointment to be evaluated by Dr. Barone.

After my first adjustment, I started feeling better right away. My posture immediately improved, my energy level increased and the pain in my hip started to subside. After a month I was starting to regain the feeling in my feet, my gait was better, leg cramps were virtually gone and even my knee pain was lessened.

After three months, my spine is noticeably straighter and I can do a lot of the activities I used to do. I still have a way to go, but every adjustment brings me closer to my goal. I still have stenosis – that will never go away – but we have lessened its effects and stopped it from interfering with my life.

Thanks to Dr. Barone, Dr. Bulcher and the wonderful staff at Barone Spinal Care, I can plan to have a long and motion-filled life!

Sue Segatti

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