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According to a recent double blind study that was published in the Journal of Hypertension, Atlas re-alignments helped normalize blood pressure. The blood pressure changes were equivalent to what would be expected, utilizing two hypertensive medications. Get a consulatation with Barone Spinal Care & Performance to se if your Atlas is out of Aligment.

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Roger Plummer's "High Five" for the B.T.H.R. Program of 01/07/17

#1.  ROSE IS BLOOMING!  Phone Guest Rose Gallo-Rojas tried pain pills and acupuncture for a year, but her upper neck pain would not go away.  After her first adjustment at Barone Spinal Care & Performance, Rose started feeling better.  And Rose continues to be a patient as her health and energy steadily improve!

#2.  DOCTOR, DOCTOR.  Dr. Barone quoted Hippocrates, the father of medicine: “Look well to the spine for the cause of disease.”  Even though that famous quote is more than 2,000 years old, Dr. Barone follows that advice today as he uses upper cervical chiropractic care to help patients move toward living in optimal health!

#3.  BREAKING NEWS!  After chiropractic care was cited as the cause of a social media star’s fatal stroke, Penn State Hershey Medical Center refuted that claim.  Hershey just published a report that concluded: “There is no convincing evidence to support a causal link between chiropractic manipulation and Cervical Artery Dissection.”

#4.  LISANNE’S LETTER.  “I had neck and shoulder pain and some pins and needles in my feet.  The spinal adjustments were painless and the former neck and shoulder pain and stiffness have been eliminated!”

#5.  YOU HAVE THE POWER!  Dr. Barone said your body is designed by God to heal itself.  Therefore, when your spine is properly aligned, the central nervous system—which controls every function of the body---can operate properly and help you live a healthier life.  Call 847-619-7579 today and schedule a consultation with Dr. Barone!


Roger Plummer's "High Five" for the B.T.H.R. Program of 10/22/16

#1.  EMILY IS HERE!  In-studio guest Emily Porter (age 26) once was hunched over in pain at work.  She couldn’t lift her right arm.  In one year as a patient at Barone Spinal Care & Performance, Emily’s strength and mobility are back, she rarely has arm or back pain, and she’s lost 60 pounds!

#2.  INNATE INTELLIGENCE.  This is a term coined by Dr. D.D. Palmer—the founder of Upper Cervical Chiropractic.  This concept states that all life contains innate (inborn) intelligence and that this force is responsible for the organization, maintenance and healing of the body.  Dr. Barone says that force is from God!

#3.  AL’S “OWS”!  In his letter, Al explained that he suffered from back pain 40 years!  Now after 15 months as a patient at BSC&P, Al wrote: “I have less low back pain… my flexibility is much better… I have improved my circulation and posture.”

#4.  VERTIGO GONE!   People with vertigo feel as if they or the objects around them are moving when they actually are not.  This can result in nausea, vomiting, sweating, or difficulty walking. A clinical trial studied 60 patients with chronic vertigo for eight years.  After six months of upper cervical chiropractic care, 48 patients were pain and symptom free!

#5.  AUTHOR!  AUTHOR!  Emily Porter has written a new mystery/suspense/thriller novel called “Harbinger”.  The story follows a banshee named Noah.  Emily’s ‘nom de plume’ is Emme DeWitt.


Our Champion!!

Verne, a long-term and long-loved client of ours, is a silver medalist in the Women's 65+ Volleyball Huntsman World Senior Games! She is an outside hitter for Team Rhythm. We're honored to keep you in alignment so you can keep winning!!


A Healing Journey

Dear Dr. Barone and Dr. Landholm,                                                                                 September 16, 2016


I am a 29 year old woman who has been suffering from physical ailments since I was 15 years old. When I was younger, I experienced several instances where I passed out, fell and hit my head on the floor. I never thought that these falls caused any damage or injury to my body, I even went to the emergency room following a severe fall when I was 15 in which I hit my head on tile floor. But the emergency room staff released me stating that there were no diagnosis or issues with me. Immediately after that fall I began suffering from severe daily anxiety and panic attacks that felt as if I was having a heart attack and dying these have continued to present day.


As the years passed, I began to suffer from other physical issues, heart palpitations, digestive problems, insomnia, menstrual pain & irregularity, lower back pain and bulging discs in my lower back, and recently about a year ago I began to suffer from spells of vertigo, dizziness, loss of proprioception, mental fog, cross eyes and problems focusing my eyes on pretty much everything. I began to have sinus problems and allergy type symptoms in my ears and throat.


 As most people would I visited several doctors (gynecologists, gastroenterologists, internal medicine physicians, ENTs, Orthopedists and physical therapists) who all put me through expensive testings (colonoscopy, ultrasounds, MRIs, CAT scans, scopy of my sinuses, extensive eye exams etc. I even got lasik surgery thinking it was my vision prescription) with no answers but huge bills to pay. One doctor even said that I should get elective endoscopy of my uterus to check for endometriosis that he couldn’t diagnosis but thought must be the problem since nothing else was found conclusive. Elective surgery for something he wasn’t even positive I had… he was positive I had it, I knew in my gut I didn’t. And he was wrong I was right I do not have endometriosis. The modern medical field has severely disappointed me and I now greatly mistrust it. Drugs and surgery seem to be their only advice.


 I was becoming very upset and anxious, having problems working because of the visual disturbances and loss of balance, and enjoying my life in general since being conscious meant enduring alarming symptoms. I thought I was breaking down at 29.  The last doctor I visited told me I should see a neurologist immediately and get a CAT scan or MRI of my head (maybe it’s a tumor or a disease) which was terrifying for me to hear. Before I took this step, I came to see Dr. Landholm whom I met at Xsport fitness club in Schaumburg, IL. I told her it was a God send because the night before I knew I needed to see a chiropractor and doing some research of clinics in the area, I had decided to see Dr. Barone’s clinic but the following day was a Wednesday and the office was closed, but that Wednesday I met Dr. Landholm at the gym and she got me for an appointment in right away for only $25. I used to work for a chiropractor and initial exams tend to run around $200. So that was another God send.


I have been receiving chiropractic treatment for the last four years of my life and I am a licensed Massage Therapist so I know the healing benefits of body work and the ability of the body to heal itself, so trying NUCCA treatment sounded like a no lose situation, no matter what something would improve. I also knew how important it was that the Atlas be aligned, what I didn’t know was the traditional chiropractic care I was receiving was not specific enough for my atlas subluxation and that I needed an upper cervical specialist.


 I was welcomed to the office with smiling faces, by name. The staff is wonderful and I felt very comfortable from the moment I walked in. The exams were incredibly thorough, nothing like I have ever been through before at other Chiropractors. I was actually measured for my leg length difference and for my shoulder height difference and hip height difference. Even for the torque or twist in my spine. Previous Chiros would just eye ball it and guestimate from their own vision no measuring at all. The x-rays were amazing they were so specific and really opened my eyes to how crooked my head and neck were. I have always noticed that in photographs my head always tilts and I crane my neck to one side. This is exactly what my x-rays showed.  My last set of cervical x-rays at my last chiro, he pointed out that my neck was leaning to the left, but never said why or what he would do to fix it or that maybe I needed to see an upper cervical specialist about it. The other exams confirmed things I already knew from other doctors and from my field of therapy, that my body was torqued and twisted and that I had a right short leg due to muscular tension.


 The first adjustment was so gentle and painless, when it was over I said “you didn’t even touch me how did anything happen?” But I laugh now when I overhear a new patient say that because something did happen and is happening. My body immediately began to detox after my first adjustment which was a little alarming, but I learned that this was my body beginning to heal. I also experienced a spell of fatigue for a few weeks but also learned this was due to my body using energy to heal. These signs let me know that change was taking place within my body.


 After about fourth weeks, I began to see results. Currently I am in my sixth week and I can report that the visual distortions and disturbances are gone. I want to cry with joy because if it wasn’t for Dr. Landholm, I would be dealing with an enormous bill from an MRI or CAT scan and God knows how many other exams from a neurologist. Dr. Landholm is my neurologist now! I have also began to notice that once my alignments began to hold longer than a day or so, my anxiety and panic attacks have begun to diminish. This is incredible to me.


I can tell at the gym that I am carrying my weight differently in my feet; even my boyfriend commented how I look more balanced when I am performing my weight training maneuvers. I can feel it too! I even noticed in the reflection of the TV while I was on the elliptical machine that my left shoulder wasn’t hiking itself higher than the right anymore.


Because of my high medical bills from seeing other doctors I have been financially strapped but the doctors and staff here worked with me so that I could receive treatment and I am so grateful for this. This truly tells that when Dr. Barone and Dr. Landholm say they are in the business of getting people well they mean it completely. They are more interested in my improvement then in how much money they can make off of me.


 I really like how the doctors show updated body scans and tests so you can watch your improvement it motivates me to continue on my treatment plans. I am so excited that I am already seeing improvements and I know the longer I stay aligned the more healing will take place so I am hopeful for my future thanks to Dr. Barone and Dr. Landholm THANK YOU! The greatest dream in my heart is to be off of anxiety prescription drugs and for the first time I believe that in the future with these treatments, this will become a reality! THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU!! J




Tiffanie Brill


Regaining Hope

September, 2016

I am a 65-year-old woman with degenerative lumbar stenosis. Three years ago I had a successful laminectomy to relieve severe sciatica, but new similar pain started to develop about a year ago. I found myself constantly hunched over, avoiding most activity, unable to walk very far without severe hip pain, and getting depressed. Comparing my three MRIs taken over a 10-year period, I saw my diagnosis go from mild to moderate to severe stenosis. I wondered where I would be in another 10 years… maybe in a wheelchair. I knew I needed to find some other way to deal with this besides more surgery.

Meanwhile, my brother and his wife, who is a pediatric physical therapist, were getting significant relief from their neck and shoulder pain by visiting a NUCCA doctor, one coincidentally trained by Dr. Barone. Hearing how well they were both doing I decided I had nothing to lose and made an appointment to be evaluated by Dr. Barone.

After my first adjustment, I started feeling better right away. My posture immediately improved, my energy level increased and the pain in my hip started to subside. After a month I was starting to regain the feeling in my feet, my gait was better, leg cramps were virtually gone and even my knee pain was lessened.

After three months, my spine is noticeably straighter and I can do a lot of the activities I used to do. I still have a way to go, but every adjustment brings me closer to my goal. I still have stenosis – that will never go away – but we have lessened its effects and stopped it from interfering with my life.

Thanks to Dr. Barone, Dr. Bulcher and the wonderful staff at Barone Spinal Care, I can plan to have a long and motion-filled life!

Sue Segatti