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According to a recent double blind study that was published in the Journal of Hypertension, Atlas re-alignments helped normalize blood pressure. The blood pressure changes were equivalent to what would be expected, utilizing two hypertensive medications. Get a consulatation with Barone Spinal Care & Performance to se if your Atlas is out of Aligment.

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WONDERFUL WORDS OF WELLNESS!! ************************************************************************* Here are quotes from a few patients whose lives have changed for the better thanks to Barone Spinal Care & Performance: "I can't thank Dr. B. enough for giving me back my health and life!"---LAUREN W. "My sciatic pain is gone and has never come back! It's a blessing!"---KEN S. "I haven't had a headache in 90 days since my treatments." "Living pain free is definitely a wonderful thing!"---CAROLINE T. "My health was at the brink. The adjustments gave me my life back!"---GEORGE G. "I had nerve damage in my leg. But since my treatments I can go up and downstairs with no problem. It's a miracle!"---DONNA D. Now it's YOUR turn! Call Barone Spinal Care & Performance at (847) 619-7579 and make an appointment. We could be reading YOUR quote one day!

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Back to Health’ brings you Dr. J.R. Barone, an Upper Cervical Chiropractor & Founder of Barone Spinal Care & Performance, and co-host Roger Plummer - a dynamic duo focusing their high energy and positive spirit to helping you live a high quality healthy life with the latest in health news, wellness education and a positive point of view.

Listen each week as Dr. J.R. Barone & Roger Plummer discuss the diseases that are saturating our society & what the natural solutions are that are available to help a person live a high-performance, ultimate wellness life. This, combined with their banter about living in today’s world with a positive mental attitude makes for a fast-paced, insightful show with something to take away and apply to your own life right away. 

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